We would like to introduce you the latest product of our company - Kabernet content management system - a system for creating, managing and updating the structure and content of websites.

With the Kabernet content management system you can create any website, whether it is a blog, a corporate website, a service offer or an eshop.

Kabernet is our own solution. Therefore, we can tailor it to your requirements and the needs of your website. If at any time in the future you decide to extend your website with additional functionality, this will not be a problem for us.

With Kabernet content management system you save your time. You can edit the page not only in the editorial system environment, but also directly in the preview - the "Browse And Edit" function.

Kabernet is operated on a secure SSL encrypted connection. Working in Kabernet is safe and your data is protected.

Kabernet is a cross-platform content management system - this means that it can run on Windows as well as Linux or macOS and can use MS SQL SERVER databases, but theoretically also PostgreSQL, MySQL and others.

More information can be found at www.kabernet.sk

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